One Step Closer

There’s lots happening lately ‘below stairs,’  in the office where I exercise my muse. I’m gaining traction on a new YA, finishing up a set of revisions on another and learning to do it all on a treadmill desk (more about that in an upcoming blog). Last week I took a break from both of those projects to read the page proofs for Hot New Thing. I’m pleased with how this novel turned out and I’m looking forward to the official launch in March 2014.   Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak of the back cover copy and the striking cover produced by the creative folks at Orca Book Publishers. Everybody is thrilled with how it turned out!

How much is Lily willing to sacrifice for a shot at fame?

Lily O’Neal is thrilled when she’s discovered by a big-name director while auditioning for a role in a toothpaste commercial.  Even better: he wants her for his new movie, but it’s shooting in L.A. and Lily lives in Vancouver. With the help of her Chinese grandmother, she convinces her parents to let her go to LA.  When she gets there, however, Lily learns that if she’s going to be more than the flavor of the week, she may have to pay a price that’s far too high. 

Hot New Thing

4 thoughts on “One Step Closer

    1. Intrigued is good! Orca works hard on their covers with the intent of grabbing attention. I think they outdid themselves with this one.

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