Does DNA determine your destiny?

Megan Caliente is out to save the world. The sixteen-year-old prides herself on rallying for causes and standing up for the underdog. But when Megan learns the father she thought was dead is in jail for committing a terrorist act, everything she believed to be true is blown apart. Her whole life has been built on a lie. How can she make sense of that? Facing humiliation from friends and struggling with guilt, Megan must confront two painful questions: how much of who we are is programmed into our DNA and how much of it is within our control?

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Laura Langston is the award-winning author of over twenty internationally acclaimed books for teens and younger children. Her books have been translated into nine languages and routinely appear on readers’ choice lists. A former journalist with the CBC, Laura lives in Victoria, BC with her husband, son, and two Shetland sheepdogs (aka Team Sheltie). Laura grew up in Vancouver, spent five eye-opening and often frigid years living in Winnipeg and is much warmer now that she’s back at home on the West Coast. She also writes for adults as Laura Tobias.



Laura Langston writes books for teens and younger children.

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Laura also writes women's fiction and romance as Laura Tobias.


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