How can one good deed have such unpredictable consequences?

Sixteen-year-old Cate Sheridan always tries to do the right thing. So, when she sees a homeless man about to be hit by a truck, her instincts kick in. Cate, and her friend, Noah, pull the man to safety.

The rescued man is famous musician Max Le Bould who disappeared years earlier. Cate and Noah become instant heroes. The media shows up. So does Cate’s mother – journalist Cynthia Patrice who left when Cate was two.

Dazzled by a mother she doesn’t know and determined to help a man she does, Cate is caught in the middle of a moral dilemma. And when she makes a decision that leads to betrayal, tragedy and heartache, she learns a hard lesson: sometimes people have all the right reasons for doing a very wrong thing.

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Laura Langston is the award-winning author of twenty-two internationally acclaimed books for teens and younger children. Her books have been translated into nine languages and routinely appear on readers’ choice lists. A former journalist with the CBC, Laura lives in Qualicum Beach, BC with her husband, son, and two Shetland sheepdogs (aka Team Sheltie). Laura grew up in Vancouver, spent five eye-opening and often frigid years living in Winnipeg and is much warmer now that she’s back at home on the West Coast. She also writes for adults as Laura Tobias.



Laura Langston writes books for teens and younger children.

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Laura also writes women's fiction and romance as Laura Tobias.


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