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publiclendingrightAnyone who reads my blog on a regular basis probably knows how much I love libraries. When I was a child, I learned to read and write because I wanted a library card. Back then, going to the library and wandering the stacks of books was one of my favorite things to do. When I became a writer, libraries (and the invaluable librarians who work there) took on added importance. As well as being a place of escape, I began to rely on the library for much of my research. I still do to some extent today.

Libraries nourished me as a child. They informed me as an adult. As a writer, they contribute to my income.

The end of February is when PLR (Public Lending Right) cheques are issued to authors. This year, more than 17,000 Canadian authors will receive money as compensation for free public access to our books through Canada’s public libraries. I’m always grateful when that cheque hits the mailbox. I’m also grateful for what it represents – our incredible library system and the acknowledgement of the role Canadian authors play in contributing to it. Thanks is also due to the Canada Council for the Arts which spearheads this important program.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the PLR. And for the first time since the program began, electronic books may be registered. If you’re an author and you’d like more information, go here:

And if you’re a reader but you haven’t visited the library in a while, I hope you check out your local branch soon!

2 thoughts on “Library Love Affair

  1. Yes to public libraries. Long may they live. I’m a little shocked at my local branch. Videos seem to have replaced books on the shelves. For me, a disc just doesn’t hold the magic of a book. The latest statistics suggest paper books are making a come-back, although e-books are here to stay. Luddite waving here, I like books with paper pages and a picture on the cover.

    1. I share your love of paper, Alice. But I also like my Kindle and appreciate the ease of e-books. Long may they both live!

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