Stepping Out

STEPPINGOUTCOVER9781459808959Yesterday was the official release day for Stepping Out, my latest title in the Orca Limelights series. You should be able to find it at your favorite independent bookstore or an online retailer, if that’s your preference. And while February 16th was the actual day it went on sale, I tend to feel more celebratory when the book is officially launched, which usually happens in the company of other writers several months after it goes on sale (I’ll put a note here when that date is set).

Meanwhile, here’s an idea of what Stepping Out is all about.

Fifteen-year-old Paige Larsson loves to laugh. She likes it even more when others laugh with her. As a YouTube comedy vlogger, laughter is Paige’s currency in life.  It takes the sting out of life’s tough stuff. It eases the pain of nasty comments, agonizing moments in gym class, and awkward pauses at parties.

Now Paige is about to step out of her comfort zone and compete in the prestigious International Teens in Comedy festival. Winning will give her the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in comedy. It’ll also mean $10,000 for her school’s performing arts department. But Paige has always used her humor to mask the pain of a disability, and in the world of stand-up comedy that won’t cut it anymore. 

I find it ironic that I’ve written a novel about a stand up comic because I’m actually afraid of comedy. Afraid to watch it, I mean. I’m always worried that the comic is going to bomb, especially if they are obviously new or just starting out. There are times when I literally can’t look or listen. But when I think about it, maybe that unease helped with the writing. I could certainly relate to the terror Paige felt getting up on stage!

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