The Magic Ear

Orca Book Publishers -

Based on a traditional Japanese folktale, The Magic Ear is a timeless story of true nobility and the importance of respect for all life, however humble.

Recommended, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

What People Are Saying

A popular read-aloud for the classroom with great appeal for those who can still enjoy a ‘happily-ever-after.’
– NAPRA Review

With Langston’s beautifully written story and Victor Bosson’s tapestry-like illustrations, this book is truly a classic you’ll enjoy as much as your children.
– Pacific Reader


The woman called again. “You there! Please wait! I am a messenger from the king of Neriya. You have saved the life of his only daughter, and I have come to take you beneath the waves to his kingdom in the sea.”

“I cannot go,” Hoderi said in his true and honest way, “for I am unable to swim.”

The woman smiled. “You do not need to swim,” she said. “Come to the edge of the water with me. I am really a fish and I will take you safely to the kingdom of Neriya.”

And so Hoderi walked to the edge of the sea, where the woman turned into a huge carp. Without another word, he climbed onto her back, and together they began their descent beneath the waves.