The Fox’s Kettle

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An original Japanese folk tale, The Fox’s Kettle celebrates the triumph of a brave and gentle heart over the forces of magic and power.

Outstanding, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
Governor General Award Nominee, Illustration

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What People Are Saying

This delightful story weaves on from page to page illustrating the fortune that follows those who trust others and share their good fortune with them.
– Valley Kids USA

…told with the flowing style of a traditional tale. Langston blends strong characterization and story line with magic, power and the satisfaction of goodness triumphing over evil.
– School Library Journal


Late that night, when the moon hung in the sky like a great ball of rice, Akoya polished the kettle. Out jumped the same three foxes who had protected the rice so many seasons before. Quickly Akoya explained the problem. Before too long, the inn was surrounded by foxes. Even though rice was usually planted in the cool light of morning, this time the foxes worked in the dark of night. And this time they didn’t just plant the field surrounding the inn. They planted all the fields in the village.