The Renovations Continue

We’re still working on converting Teen Freud’s bedroom into my new office. In the process, we painted and put down a new oak floor. Team Sheltie didn’t like the noisy air gun or all the activity so I sat with the two of them in my current office while Mr. Petrol Head nearly broke his back doing the floor. That was a few weeks ago. It’s almost time to put the handles back on the door and start moving furniture.

But one half of Team Sheltie is not impressed with all the changes. Trace, our male, is not at all sure of this new space.


No, Mom, I can’t come in and walk on the shiny, new floor.






I’m leaving and you can’t make me.











I can maybe sit here if my sister is beside me.









But there’s no way I’m going past this doorway.







Hopefully Trace will change his mind when we get my filing cabinet and desks upstairs. Stay tuned!

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