The Importance of Joy

For those of us who are news junkies, last week was tough (one could argue that news junkies have had it tough for the last two years, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog). I spent way too much time focused on the Ford/ Kavanaugh testimony before the U.S. Senate, and listening to the analysis afterwards. It brought up a host of emotions for me, not the least of which was how difficult, painful and costly it can be to speak your truth, even when others attempt to deny it.

After a while I had to switch off, switch gears, and seek out something lighter. It was a good reminder of how valuable joyful fiction can be during difficult times.

That started me thinking about joy as a whole: where we find it, how we nurture it and why it matters. That led me to this Ted Talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee. It’s a fast listen – less than fifteen minutes – and it will make you smile.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Joy

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. I especially enjoyed the focus on vibrant colours. And what a wonderful transformation of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
    This morning I watched as the fog cleared from the top of Saltspring Island! A moment of joy for sure. May you also find pockets of joy during the fall season.

    1. Lovely image, Jodie, of the fog clearing from the top of Saltspring Island. That just have been glorious. Like you, I was also touched by the transformation of Sandy Hook Elementary School. So wonderful to see vibrancy and joy rise up after tragedy.

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