That Pesky Point of View

To a writer, point of view is everything. It makes – or breaks – characters. It plays into conflict. It spins a story forward. In fact, no decision a writer makes will impact their story more. Point of view flavors everything in the story world.

It also heavily flavors our own lives. Today I’m going for my first Covid vaccine, and I’ve never been this excited to get a shot. Most of my family and close friends are on board and have either gotten their first jab or are waiting to book. From their point of view, the decision to get it is a no-brainer. But not everyone shares that sentiment.

The topic of the vaccine came up last week while we were walking Team Sheltie. We stopped to say hi and admire a dog belonging to a couple we’ve seen only a few times. I asked if they’d had their shot yet. They hesitated before responding, and I had the fleeting thought that perhaps I should have asked ‘how do you feel about the vaccine?” Fortunately, they weren’t offended and responded by saying they were getting it in a few days.

I should have remembered that hesitancy on their part when I asked one of my cousins if she’d registered yet for her shot. She danced around the issue for a while before finally saying she wasn’t about to subject herself to changes in her DNA or a possible microchip implant. She was serious, and I was momentarily speechless.

It’s a point of view, a perspective I’ve read about but never expected to hear from someone I loved and respected.  

Point of view is everything. Not just for writers, but for all of us. It flavors everything we do: our relationships and our choices, our lifestyles and our attitudes. It flavors consequences too. And these days, some of those consequences can be far-reaching.  

6 thoughts on “That Pesky Point of View

  1. Great post, Laura. I got my shot yesterday too! Yippee. Looking forward to one day being able to hug people and socialize in person.

  2. My first shot is now three weeks old and I feel great. Still have to follow the rules for masks, etc. but I feel confident I won’t become ill or endanger others. For people who believe the fantasy of a microchip I have to ask if they have a cell phone. If Bill Gates or anyone else wants to track you (although why you are interesting enough to be tracked I don’t know) all they have to do is ping your phone. Just sayin’

    1. Glad you’re feeling great, Alice. My only side effect today is a sore arm. I’ll take it!

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