Spring Starts Inside Too

vernalEquinox I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for spring.  And this week marks the day – Thursday, March 20th – when the hours of light and dark are equal.  The vernal equinox.   Here on the west coast of Canada, that means the days are getting longer and light levels are rising.

In many cultures, the spring equinox is observed as the start of the New Year.  It only makes sense. Birds are nesting and starting families.  Trees are leafing out.  New beginnings are everywhere.

I’m in spring mode in the garden and in my office.  Outside, I’m pruning the fruit trees. Inside, I’m editing (which really is another form of pruning) The Art of Getting Stared At.   I’m sowing seeds:  flats of basil and tomatoes and peppers for the garden, as well as some ideas I expect to form another short YA for Orca Book Publishers.  I’m also giving some love (in the form of a ruthless overhaul) to a few old favorites that haven’t had a lot of attention lately – one bed in my herb garden, and an adult paranormal novel I may upload and release on my own.

New beginnings are a wonderful thing.  Happy spring everybody.


2 thoughts on “Spring Starts Inside Too

  1. Yes, I’m ready for spring, too! I love all the new blooms appearing every day. Lovely graphics!

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