My September Reads


The pear tree is loaded with fruit and we have a glut of tomatoes this year too. It’s harvest time, which means hours in the kitchen dehydrating and freezing and canning. We’re also giving fruit and vegetables to the neighbors who will still take them. Did I mention zucchini? We have those too, but not so many takers at this time of year. I’ve been thinking over the growing season, making mental notes on what I’ll do differently next year, and how I’ll restructure the newly planted herb garden to make it both prettier and more useful. That goal is reflected in one of the books I’m enjoying right now. Here’s what I’m reading this month:

The Herbalist’s Kitchen by Pat Crocker

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

The Bond by Lynne McTaggart

Books read to date in 2021: 67

6 thoughts on “My September Reads

  1. Ahem! Zucchini you say? I have a freezer full and people run when they see me coming. I’ve also got shelves full of jam and jelly and there is a box of pears awaiting attention. And apples, bushels and bushels of them. No one runs away when I offer them apples. Fortunately, the food bank can take them too. I love harvest. The bounty the earth produces from such a tiny seed is miraculous. Enjoy your garden

    1. Thanks, Alice. I love harvest time too. Now the neighbor has gifted us with several bags of quince, which I’ve never utilized before. I’m having fun looking up recipes for quince paste and quince jelly.

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