My May Reads

pollen-1880x1249It’s allergy season around here. Like so many other climate-related things, it seems to be happening earlier and earlier. Years ago, my allergies would hit in June. We got married at the beginning of June and I was a congested mess for weeks before and after. I had a reprieve for many years and barely suffered at all. But this year, my hay fever is back, and it’s been uncomfortable for weeks. So I’m avoiding dairy, popping decongestants and working in the garden when the wind isn’t blowing the cottonwood around. When I come inside to read, I make sure I have tissues nearby.

Here’s what I’m reading this month:

At the Gym: The Humans by Matt Haig

On the Kindle: The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson

Beside the Bed: Some Nerve by Jojo Moyes

Books read to date in 2016: 32

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