My May Reads

The seedlings are doing what seedlings do best: growing madly and readying themselves for more spacious surroundings. In other words, they need to be transplanted, which means I have my work cut out for me getting them from the greenhouse to the ground. I’m not complaining. This time last year, I was struggling to learn the microclimates in our new garden, and I was doing it under less-than-optimal growing conditions. Things are better this year, though the learning curve is still steep. Good thing I have some great books to settle down with at the end of the day. Here’s what I’m reading this month.

Breath by James Nestor

Barry Squires, Full Tilt by Heather Smith

Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story by Erin French

Books read to date in 2021: 36

2 thoughts on “My May Reads

  1. I’ve moved seedlings from the cold frame to the flower beds, but their not thriving as quickly as I would like. Last night I was out after 10:00 pm looking for the cat and realized it still gets very cold at night. Guess my seedlings want a blanket!

    1. It is still cold at night, Alice. Surprisingly so. I think that stretch of very warm weather fooled us into forgetting that nights at this time of year can still be quite chilly. The few things I’ve managed to plant out are still pouting about it!

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