My June Reads

Summer arrived in time for the solstice on June 21st. That made everyone, plants included, happy! Finally, there’s warmth in the sun (finally, there is sun). So last weekend, beach umbrellas were pulled out, wading pools were filled, and bike tires were pumped.

We cycled the Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery trail last Sunday, a first for us on that particular route. We went early in the morning before the heat got too extreme, and it was glorious. Not too strenuous, great peekaboo views of the river and virtually deserted for twelve kilometres. Other than a few nerve-wracking signs of wild (heavy emphasis on wild) life, but I’ll leave that for another blog. Let’s just say I was happy to get home in one piece and relax with a book. And here’s what I’m reading this month.

Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anne Lamott

Colour in Your Garden by Penelope Hobhouse

The Soulmate Equation by Lauren Oliver

Books read to date in 2022: 36

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