My April Reads

Spring is flirting with us this year. Today, as I write this, it’s cool and drizzly. Last week we had hail! This week, I’m only now harvesting wild nettles to eat fresh and to dry for tea, something I normally do in mid to late March. And here it is virtually the end of April. However, the forecasters are calling for a warming trend, so by the time you read this, I could be heading to the garden and leaving my books behind. In the meantime, though, here’s what I’m currently reading.

The Man Who Came and Went by Joe Stillman

Moon Gardening by Matt Jackson

The Great Reclamation by Rachel Heng

Books read to date in 2023: 24

2 thoughts on “My April Reads

  1. We’ve finally gotten warm enough to consider the garden. Today I set out geraniums in the planters and started the squash seeds. My tomato seedlings are in the cold frame and seem to be okay — not hot, but out of the wind. Can’t believe how quickly we’ve gone from complaining about the cold to muttering about the heat.

    1. Same here, Alice! Bean seedlings are planted (as are extra bean seeds); sweet pea seedlings are in too. And the snow peas I seeded last month (!) have finally broken ground. We are way behind where we normally are for this time of year, but at least we’re progressing in the right summery direction.

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