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Fifteen-year-old Lily O’Neal is discovered by a big-name director when she’s auditioning for a role in a toothpaste commercial. He wants her for his new movie, which is great except that it’s shooting in Los Angeles and Lily lives in Vancouver. With the help of her Chinese grandmother, she convinces her parents to let her go to LA as long as her agent goes along as a chaperone. But when Lily gets to Hollywood, she learns that if she wants to be more than the flavor of the week, she may have to pay a price that’s way too high.

What People Are Saying

Readers who are interested in acting or dream of a career in the arts will enjoy this story about 15 year old Lily O’Neal. Relatable, fast-paced and highly recommended.
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In Lily, Langston has created an authentic, lively character with whom readers will be able to relate. The realistic portrayal of the acting scenes also adds tension and depth to the story.
– CM Magazine


Bring me another glass of wine,” Damarais demands when the waiter stops to top up our water glasses the following afternoon. She’s wearing a sleek beige pantsuit, chunky black jewelry and a Bluetooth in her ear. She looks like a cat ready to pounce the way she watches the other tables.

“Of course.” The waiter looks at me. “How is everything?”

My mouth is full of smoked salmon tart so I nod. Everything is perfect. Except for the chunk of salmon stuck in my teeth.

“So you see,” Damarais says, “Trainer and Hill is ideally suited to represent you.”

I know. And I’m thrilled. But I’m surprised at how few questions she’s asked me. Mostly, she’s talked about her other clients and how well they’re doing.

She holds up her finger. “Excuse me.” And she’s back on her Bluetooth. Which is totally okay because now I can wiggle the piece of salmon out of my teeth.

“No, we will not settle for anything less,” Damarais hisses. “That’s our final offer. If they don’t like it they can shove it.” The waiter delivers her second glass of wine. “I’m in the middle of something here, Holly. We’ll talk later.” She disconnects and reaches for her wine. “Where were we?”

“You were talking about my representation.” I sound so calm but inside I am screaming with excitement.

“Right! You’re the hot, new thing. Look at how much press attention you’ve gotten in the last three weeks. And that’s without representation.” She winks. “Or at least good representation.”

I can hardly believe it myself. Photos of me and Etienne at the Copper Awards. Press about my choice of dress. Plus the interview with the Hollywood Slate.

She slides a beige envelope across the table. “I’m delighted to present you with our agency contract. Welcome to Trainer and Hill!”

My breath stalls; I cannot breathe. It’s agency representation by the best of the best.

She sips more wine. “You’re going to be a star, Lily. We’re determined to take you to the top.”

To the top. Hand trembling, I lift my tart. I put it back down. You’re going to be a star. It’s what I’ve wanted since, like, forever. Suddenly everything around me sharpens. The clank of cutlery. The smell of garlic. The hard blue chair pressing into my knee. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.

“Once you sign our contract, I’ll follow up on the offers you told me about.” I told her everything when we first sat down but I wasn’t sure she’d heard given how many times she stopped to take calls.

“Of course, you’ll need to get some work done. We’ll schedule everything for next month when you’re done shooting. I’ve booked your consult for late Thursday afternoon.”

My stomach flutters. “What kind of work?”

“Breast implants certainly.” She studies me over the rim of her glass. “Possibly butt implants. You told the Hollywood Slate you don’t believe in surgery but we do.”

My panic mushrooms. Surgery. Needles. Yuk. “But my parents -.”

“I’ve already talked to them.” She smiles. “Nic gave me their number. They’re totally on board.”