And So It Goes

Last week brought to mind the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

Be still, sad heart! And cease repining;

Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;

Thy fate is the common fate of all,

Into each life some rain must fall . . .

Here on the west coast, the ‘rain’ we experienced was the ash fallout from the horrendous wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington. We’re still living with smoky skies and poor air quality as I write these words, but we’re far luckier than those who are living in the line of fire.  Fires on the west coast, hurricanes out east and a worldwide pandemic. No wonder the world seems on edge.

I was on edge this week too. I lost a full day of writing because of a massive Windows update. Yes, I’d saved, or at least I thought my computer had, but it turns out the computer save function goes to a temporary file. In the past, I’d always been able to recover temporary files but not anymore. Not with Windows 10.  A little rain must fall . . .

As Longfellow said, however, behind the clouds the sun is still shining. And in my case that sun came in the form of an interview by the editor of Second Opinion QB. It was lovely to chat with Lois Sampson. If you’re interested in our conversation, you’ll find it here:

Since I opened with a somewhat bleak Longfellow quote, here’s something to remember when life seems especially dark:

6 thoughts on “And So It Goes

    1. Thanks, Debra. It was a good lesson for me to always do a proper manual back up at the end of the day. And have everything on a USB key as well as my cloud system. In this case, my cloud back up failed too!

  1. Oh my goodness. To lose fresh writing is demoralizing for sure. I have lived that experience. I hope that brighter days are ahead.

    We’re living in the smoky haze as well. The photos of the various fires are beyond grim. Truly there are few words to describe the heartbreak.

    Hang in there.

    1. The pictures are indeed horrific. And I’ve read some first-hand experiences of people fleeing as well. It puts our smoky skies (not to mention my trivial lost writing) in perspective.

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