Small Pleasures

Where I live, the Covid numbers are climbing again. It’s now a race to vaccinate people to offset the spread of more contagious and potentially more severe variants. Maybe that’s why morale seems to be dropping amongst friends and family. These aren’t easy times. It’s been a long, difficult haul, and the restrictions aren’t over yet. So, this week, a bit of cheer from Canadian Neil Pasricha, one of the most popular Ted Talk presenters. Admittedly, some of his recommendations for simple pleasures – going to a movie, for instance – are off the table right now, but they won’t be forever. And his short twenty-minute talk is guaranteed to make you smile.

The Power of Words

Words are my currency in life. They’re what I use to do my job, That, in turn, allows me to pay my bills, to put food on the table and to buy the occasional pair of very nice shoes. But it occurred to me recently that words are everybody’s currency in life. How we use them, what we say to each other, has a profound effect on the quality of our lives and the relationships we have with each other.

So today please take ten minutes – just ten – and listen to this Ted Talk from Julian Treasure on how to speak so people will not only listen but will like what they hear.