My March Reads

Go pick up a funny book and read it. Please. Or visit a funny website or watch something outrageous on YouTube or tell a joke that makes someone laugh until they snort questionable substances out their nose.

Last Sunday the Canadian cultural scene lost a comedy giant – Bob Robertson. Bob was one half of the Double Exposure team. The other half, his wife Linda Cullen, has been my friend for a long, long time. We weren’t quite in diapers when we met, though there were times we laughed so hard we probably should have been. Linda and Bob were a team for over thirty years and together they brought a tremendous amount of joy to Canadians.

If that’s the mark of a life well-lived, then Bob maxed it out. Below this blog check out an iconic Double Exposure moment.

In his memory and because I need some comic relief right now, there’s only one book on this month’s list. I know Bob would approve.


Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins (My A – Z index)

Here’s a clip of Jack and Rexella. Smell Your End from Double Exposure