A New Year . . . a New Website . . .

resolutionsnotkeepingSo long 2012, cue 2013.  Yes, there were some memorable moments over the last year: my son graduating from high school and starting university; visiting with family and friends; evenings at the beach with the dogs; books written and revised; a prodigious garden. Mostly, though, it was a mixed bag kind of year. You know the kind – a few too many challenges and too much time spent dealing with them.

Shortly before he graduated, my son came home from school with a raffle ticket. Must be present to win it said on the back. “Good luck with that,” he said with a laugh. I questioned his cynicism. More than half his friends don’t sit down for dinner with their family at night, he told me, adding that he couldn’t see how they’d rope their parents into going to the school fair to win a possible gift basket. “For sure they’ll text them a reminder, but I doubt that’ll make a difference.”

That started me thinking about how present I am in my own life. I always show up (to the dinner table for sure) but often my body is in the chair while my mind is back in the scene I need to finish. Or on the new website I want to get up. Or thinking about tomorrow’s looming issue instead of enjoying the meal and the company.

So as I turn the page on a new year (and kick off my new website; thank you Miles!), I’m not making any resolutions. Instead I’m picking a personal theme: to be present. Good, bad, challenges or celebrations: this year I’m going to show up and be in the moment. The scenes that are in my head or back on the computer will wait. The scene that’s in front of me – the person, the pet, the peach I’m picking from the tree – is all that matters.

David Bader said it best: “Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?”

Great words to kick off what I hope will be a great 2013!


3 thoughts on “A New Year . . . a New Website . . .

  1. Fabulous website! So fresh and NOW! And YES! being ‘present’ is where it’s at! In all our busy lives with thoughts constantly ping-ponging every which way, it’s so hard to be in the NOW, in that particular moment. Might have to borrow your personal theme, for sure!

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