A New Look


website-redesignIt’s been a busy few weeks. I’m plotting a new novel, writing a few articles and getting ready to upload a new Laura Tobias title. I’ve also been overseeing the design of two new websites, which were put together by the very capable Jessica Veinot.

It all started with a simple comment at a Red Door writing retreat about establishing a mailing list and tying it to my websites. Such a list would allow me to let readers know when I have a new title coming out, or when I’m running a contest or special offer. Around the same time, my marketing savvy daughter suggested both sites needed a more cohesive look and should be linked to each other so readers would know I write under two names. Finally, I knew (and I’ve known for a while) that my old sites weren’t as mobile friendly as they should have been. Sure, they showed up on mobile devices but they didn’t display well.

It was impossible to ignore the inevitable. So even though it meant pushing back the publication date for my next Laura Tobias title (watch for it around the end of this month), I went for it. And I’m very happy with the new look!

When you get a minute, feel free to check out both sites. And don’t hesitate to subscribe to my mailing list. You won’t hear from me that often – only when I have a new release or a special offer.



Finally, I have to apologize for last week when you likely received all my previous blog posts in one email. I’m not sure what happened. I’m hoping it was a one-time glitch as we switched to the new site. With luck and a prayer to the techie Gods, it won’t happen again.

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